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About us

About us

Liris is one of the most successful textile manufacturers in Turkey. It got more than 15 years experience in textile production. The company was originally founded by Mr. Ahmed Halabia in Aleppo (Syria) and has developed strong business relationships in the Arabian Gulf region, And customers in Germany and Russia, later in 2011, this company moved to the city of Mersin (Turkey) as a major center for Turkish textile industries, in cooperation with some overseas customers. We developed our factory to provide the best modern productions in which the company works on an area of ​​16000 square meters of newly equipped capacity for cutting, embroidery, sewing and printing, with 150 employees and an approximate monthly capacity of 80000 production. The total production of liris is exported to the European and Arabian Gulf markets, including sportswear, fashion brands and work clothing sections. The company is approved according to different standards and its committed to the principles of commitment and social responsibilities.


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